get link Can sleep help you lose weight? Really? Did you know that getting adequate sleep can help you lose weight? Or at least manage weight gain?

see url Have you ever noticed a pattern in your appetite in relation to how much you have slept the night before? I sure have!ïcidi.pdf Developing a habit of getting enough sleep will help you manage your weight over the long term.

follow url Studies have shown that when you don’t get enough sleep regularly, you will likely eat a larger portion at meal time, and have a desire for more snacks throughout the day.

watch Studies also show that you will likely eat more snacks after dinner time operating on a lack of sleep. If you are not getting enough sleep, you will likely eat more. Sleep, or not enough, impacts what are often referred to as the  “hunger hormones” leptin and ghrelin.

source site Ghrelin signals the brain when it’s time to eat, causing a hunger pang.

source site can sleep help you lose weight

get link Leptin signals the brain when the body has enough stored energy and it’s time to stop eating, turning off the feeling of hunger, and inducing a feeling of satiation.

Lack of sleep seems to cause a melt down of this critical part of our appetite regulation system.

does paroxetine hydrochloride 20 mg get you high As you eat more on a lack of sleep, the messages from ghrelin don’t seem to be coming through.

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cost of hoodia Can sleep help you lose weight? Well, it can help you manage your appetite over the long run. If we are over eating due to an over active appetite as a result of getting enough sleep, not only is this counter productive to our physique goals, it is also not optimal for our health.

When we are constantly eating, and not giving our digestive system a break, our body will neglect other activities to direct energy to digestion. Giving our digestive system a break from eating is always a power move!

How much sleep is adequate? I believe that every individual has different needs. If we pay attention to our bodies and how we feel, we will know how much sleep we really need!

Here is an infographic from The National Sleep Foundation giving rough guidelines to give you an idea. Everyone’s needs are different. Experiment with different amounts of sleep time and see how you feel.

Getting adequate sleep is important for your health. It is a time of regeneration and detoxification. Enjoy it!

can sleep help you lose weight

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