Business Owner

Krista worked with me for two months to improve my health and she was very helpful in all ways. She planned a couple of different diets when she felt I was getting bored of the same one. She visited my house and checked all my ingredients.

She is a very easy person to work with, very understanding and a good listener. With in just 2 months I lost 10 pounds by eating lots but healthy. Also learned many different ​ ways to prepare healthy meals.

Whenever I need some help related to my health I am going to Krista.


Personal Trainer, Business Owner

Krista is outstanding. If you know or have seen Krista around you have probably notice that she is this beautiful woman with a divine smile, uplifting personality, and goddess like body.

Being a personal trainer myself I am always looking to learn from other professionals in the industry and Krista is really inspiring professionally and physically so whatever she does i wanted to be on it too!

Krista takes a holistic approach with a vision casting exercise as well. She kept reminding me about how what i was doing or eating felt in my body so I really had to tune into my body to see if it was right for me which I appreciated.

Krista pined pointed exactly what made me go for chocolate, she made me see why i did it and was pretty much right every time.

I learned valuable information about nutrition part & I would recommended anyone and everyone who is committed to their health to Krista, they will discover how holistic living feels while learning the benefits of pushing and pulling some weights to grow both physically and mentally.

Everyone who takes Krista’s program will be in the hands of a true professional who’s got their best interest at heart. She will brighten up your day with her passionate positive enthusiast and you will be forever changed

Rodney Allen Warren

Global Entrepenuer President of the Gem Wellness Solutions Movement

I highly recommend Krista Whiteside and her incredible knowledge and passion as a coach.

I have seen incredible gains in muscle and energy​ levels and highly recommend Krista ‘ s program!

“I fee​l stronger, happier, healthier, prettier, younger”

Hilda Vega


I started a wellness journey almost a month ago, I just want to thank Krista Whiteside my amazing holistic nutritionist who has been part of this journey.

She thought me a plant-based way of eating and also, recommend me the best natural products to improved a health issue that a regular doctor couldn’t for years.

I fee​l stronger, happier, healthier, prettier, younger​ and more than ready to achieve my plans for 2017.

Julia Maria Nica

Founder of The YOU Series

Krista Handles Everything With Compassion. I love continuously working with Krista on my health. She has a wealth of knowledge and always knows exactly what to teach me and how to motivate me.

The best part is she creates a long lasting relationship and makes me feel like much more than just another client. 

Julia Savazzi


When I decided to take back my health and make some major life changed in 2014, I was naturally drawn to seek Krista’s help as her fabulous personality and passion for vitality had really resonated with me.

Embracing each of our own bio individuality, Krista first set out to get to know my schedule, lifestyle, diet, activity and goals.

From there she provided me with a flexible but specific diet plan and a training program based on the equipment I had access to.

The turnaround time was quick and I was on track before I knew it! Krista checked in often, was eager to answer all of my questions, and was enthusiastically supportive of my progress and journey.
Thank you, Krista, for being such a big part of my new life, I am eternally grateful!!

Her Support Is Unconditional

“ I lost 10 pounds by eating lots but healthy”

Kathy Soltani


Krista’s knowledge and advice is spot on. When I stick to her nutrition plan I feel and perform my best, when I don’t, it is not long before I am re-reading her notes and I’m back on track.

Krista’s personalized nutrition plan that she put together for me was easy to understand and she had simple and delicious recipes!

Krista is genuinely passionate about nutrition and self improvement and helping anyone who wants her help. She even was concerned about scars that I have on my body and did research on ways to get rid of them.

If you’re looking for someone who cares​, Krista’s your girl!!

Michelle Wong

Real Estate Advisor

I would highly recommend anyone who’s looking to lose a few pounds, feel confident at the beach, or curb some cravings. Before I met Krista, my food consumption was completely out of wack. As a busy entrepreneur, I never planned out my meals, or when I was eating next. Sure, I thought I was healthy, but after 30 days of personal coaching with Krista, she gave me some amazing tools to help me get my health back on track. What I got most of her 30-day program is that you need to write out your commitments, and plan your life around those commitments. Whether it’s meal prepping, or eating a health snack before that important work dinner, always have your WHY in your back pocket

Juan Carlos Loaiza


Krista not only helps me understand how to live a healthy life, but her support,good energy, charm, and sweetness makes it easier to accomplish any goal. Through the process, Krista has become a great friend..

Brian Wall

Business Owner

After years of being on your typical bodybuilding diet, I had put so much stress on my body. I felt like I was 80 years old both physically and mentally. Krista’s approach was unprecedentedly thorough and with her guidance I was able to reverse the negative effects of this stress on my body. As well as being in peak physical performance, I now feel so much more energetic and happier! Krista’s help is greatly appreciated.