Consultation: My Gift to YOU!

Grocery store tour: learn how to navigate the grocery store and make choices to support your goals. 

1 hour phone or Skype call to answer your health questions without a package $150

Get on Skype with me, chat about your goals and as I learn more about your lifestyle I can give you the best solutions to suite your health and fitness goals!

Krista Handles Everything With Compassion

I love continuously working with Krista on my health. She has a wealth of knowledge and always knows exactly what to teach me and how to motivate me. The best part is she creates a long lasting relationship and makes me feel like much more than just another client.

Julia Maria Nica

 Nutrition, training, supplement program: $350 (1 month)

What is included:
  • Health assessment, tailored nutritional program to support your goals.
  • Supplement recommendations.
  • Once per week check in for 4 weeks.

Nutrition, training, supplement program Fully Loaded $500 ( 1 month)

  • Health assessment
  • Goal setting
  • Lifestyle review
  • Personalized meal plan according to the individual’s goals and lifestyle
Nutrition, training, supplement program, daily accountability, monday-Friday holistic health education recordings and educational PDF’s

Her Support Is Unconditional

“When I decided to take back my health and make some major life changed in 2014, I was naturally drawn to seek Krista’s help as her fabulous personality and passion for vitality had really resonated with me. Embracing each of our own bio individuality, Krista first set out to get to know my schedule, lifestyle, diet, activity and goals. From there she provided me with a flexible but specific diet plan and a training program based on the equipment I had access to. The turnaround time was quick and I was on track before I knew it! Krista checked in often, was eager to answer all of my questions, and was enthusiastically supportive of my progress and journey.
Thank you, Krista, for being such a big part of my new life, I am eternally grateful!!”

Julia Savazzi

 3 month anti-aging life and bikini body Transformation Program $1397 ( 3 Month)

Long term lifestyle and mentor-ship allows me to guide you and set up long term health mindsets that you can fall in and out of. While keeping you on track I also have the opportunity to continuously inform you about new health tips and the best choices that benefit your over all lifestyle goals!

  • Health assessment
  • Goal setting
  • Lifestyle review
  • Personalized meal plan according to the individual’s goals and lifestyle
Nutrition, training, supplement program, daily accountability, Monday-Friday holistic health education recordings and educational PDF’s

I’m So Glad I Met Krista

“As many women do, I went on many diets and cleanses to lose weight, to a point where I was happy with the weight loss but not satisfied with my diet which led to weight gain once again.

Two years ago through a group of friends I met Krista.  We connected instantly; she was warm, easy to talk to. I learned she was a personal trainer and life coach. I didn’t even think twice as I wanted to learn more about what she had to say, with no pressure to join.

Krista and I met again for my personal consultation just days after we met; she did an assessment of all the issues with my body:

  • I was constantly constipated ever since I can remember
  • I never cared to drink water
  • I was overweight
  • I was feeling depressed about how I looked
  • I had anxiety and was in hospital going through many tests
  • I was very stressed

Krista assessed and explained my issues with what was happening with my body from the inside.

  • She believed I had parasites in my body which my doctor had diagnosed me years ago and was unable to help me get rid of it
  • I wasn’t drinking enough water which I was substituting with food

Krista suggested to I try to the gallbladder cleanse that changed my LIFE

  • I started drinking 4 litres of KAAGEN water every day
  • 1 Litre of water in the morning before breakfast which made me not crave coffee and tea
  • She made a diet suited to my taste buds so I could enjoy the food and diet at the same time
  • She helped with my meal planning and groceries
  • I took Probiotics and other supplements to keep the balance my body needed to help maintain my energy levels

Results from the Gallbladder Cleanse:

  • I passed over 100 gallstones which I didn’t even know I had
  • I passed 4 parasites which was a shock to me as I didn’t know they can multiply
  • I loss 26 lbs. and have been able to maintain my weight since
  • 2 years later I am still caffeine free
  • 2 years later I am still sugar free
  • 2 years later I am constipation free

Thank you so MUCH Krista for helping me, you truly are an inspiration and you have an amazing gift!”

Kavita Dahyabhai